“Yorktown” is a 1970's inspired thriller film that takes place in the City of Yorktown. It's about a group of eight friends that upon hearing of Yorktown Memorial Hospital from an ill guided bar patron, played by actor/comedian and NBC’s Last Comic’s Standing Season 5 finalist, Dante, the group decides to take a road trip to the haunted location and “investigate”, despite the heeded warnings from the bartender, played by actress Rebekah Kochan. What they don't realize is that someone has taken up residence in the building and someone is trying to revenge a death. When you don’t pay attention to your friends, bad things happen. The movie takes a traditional plot and adds modern social elements with a twist.
Angry Otter Productions utilized six independent bands from Texas and three other states, to furnish the 15 track rock soundtrack and offers an original score which accompanies the film. The films soundtrack and DVD are now availible. Check out our Facebook page for photos, insights, and more.

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