"Heather" -
Rebekah Kochan is a West Hollywood actress/ comedian. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada she began her acting career at age 9. Kochan is best known for playing the role of Tiffani von der Sloot in the Eating Out trilogy. She is also a recognized actress in the horror genre. Kochan has been in five horror films since 2006, many of which were produced by The Asylum. Rebekah is in over 16 films.
Rebekah is also a well known stand-up comic. She and her boyfriend Dante (comedian) from Last Comic Standing, perform all over the U.S. together. They will soon both appear in next National Lampoon films.

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"Rachel" -
Tamie Carpenter is a Texas native now living in Louisiana working heavily in the film industry there. Tamie has played many roles in 6 different films, including Vampires Suck. Carpenter also had a consistent role in the ABC television series, The Gates. Tamie joins our cast excited to participate in a film featuring her home town.
"Gabriel" -
When he was a kid growing up in Ridgecrest, CA, Dante knew he wanted to be a comedian. Dante is now one of the top headlining comedians in the United States, appearing on numerous television shows and in films, and appearing to sold-out crowds across the country, as well as making regular stops each year at U.S. military bases around the world, entertaining the troops in every branch of the Armed Forces. He has performed for the US troops more than any other comedian since Bob Hope. Dante has been a comedian since 1986. Most people know him as a cast member on season 5 of NBC's Last Comic Standing.
Brandy Combs Bridget Blankenship Rachel Pittman Jeff Evans Lucas Chance Nicki Harlan Sean Wilkes Shawn Shaw Shawn Stasel Nicholas Chance
The rest of the Yorktown cast as all new to the industry. Since the Yorktown experience, a few of the cast have now been inspired to pursue other acting projects, adventure into modeling, become more trained and involved in film production, and a few have developed the interest for writing.
For inquiries about our cast, please email cast@angryotter.com, with the subject line YORKTOWN CAST. Angry Otter Productions, LLC has permission to act as a leason for our current and former talent and production teams.
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